JMark Services Inc. ISR Strategist Planner in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

ISR Strategist Planner

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Job Location

Hawaii - Pearl Harbor, HI

Position Type

Full Time


  • Assist in the development of comprehensive all-source collection strategies focused on USPACOM intelligence requirement.

  • Provide strategy recommendations, identify and document shortfalls, develop mitigation strategies, and support ISR Crisis Action Planning.

  • Develop and publish monthly theater ISR Collection Emphasis Message (CEM) that provides theater ISR prioritization and tasking guidance to theater component commands. Publish updates as required (weekly minimum).

  • Document ISR related information to serve as input for the Defense Readiness Review System (DRRS), Quarterly Readiness Reviews, and other ISR related tasks as required.

  • Assist functional collection managers in the documentation of ISR requirements to inform the Global Force management (GFM) process and the USPACOM Annual ISR Plan.

  • Assist the IMMC Chief in developing an agenda for the bi-weekly (twice a week) Strategy Session. Document ISR shortfalls or best practices, develop material for the strategy session, brief material, and develop mitigation strategies to improve ISR employment.

  • Aid functional and regional collection managers in planning, development development, and implementation of comprehensive multi discipline collection strategies in support of USPACOM intelligence issues.

  • Manage the consolidation of Component Priority Collection Lists (CPCL) via the Theater Operations Management tool to develop the Joint Collection Priority Lists (JPCL) on a weekly basis. This includes calculating the values identified in the Collection Priority Framework (CFP) to determine overall prioritization of USPACOM issues.

  • Evaluation collection management processes used by the IMMC staff and recommend improvement for review by the IMMC Chief or Technical Point of Contact. This includes the development of IMMC steady state and crisis plans standard operating procedures.

  • Assist functional and regional collection managers in the development of ISR sections or appendixes to USPACOM operational planning documents.

  • Assist functional and regional collection managers in the development of supporting operational planning documents, such as Collection Requirement Matrices, ISR Concept of operation in accordance with JCS Manual 3314.01A Intelligence Planning formats.

  • Provide periodic planning updates to IMMC Chief and Technical Point of Contact.

  • Support and participate in conferences, exercise (planning and execution), and working groups (via secure VTC or in person) in support of the IMMC mission.

  • Participate in the Joint Collection Management Board (JCMB), Joint Collection Working Groups (JCWG), Defense Collection Management Boards (DCMB) and National Collection Management Boards (NCMB) as requested by the Government. The contractor shall develop and present ISR planning related material in these forums as required.

  • Become familiar with command webpage forums, and post and maintain functional ISR planning webpages (such as EPIC, OP-C SharePoint, and others) to ensure relevant IMMC processes, procedures, and products are available to IMMC and command personnel.


Bachelor or master's degree with 10+ years of intelligence collection management experience or equivalent intelligence/academic experience. Requires thorough knowledge of the Department of Defense (DoD) General ISR, CM, Plans, Assessment, and modeling. Requires knowledge of architecture, systems and applications associated with the aforementioned functional areas. Mentor level knowledge and familiarity (operational level users) is required for the following applications: Microsoft Office, PRISM, PSAS, Collection requirement systems, and RMT.

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